[Release] Resizable BAR DXE driver

Hello @Scruffy,

Only having one BAR value of 16GB is normal for Intel ARC A770 16GB card.

Performance is variable with these cards. It depends on the graphics API being used and any driver optimisations Intel have made.

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tnx for the tips. so having only one bar is perfect and it means rebar is working perfectly.
can u do a unigine 2 superposition “1080p high” benchmark? im scoring around 11k.

ReBarState.exe doesn’t work for me.

ReBarState variable doesn’t exist / Disabled. Enter a value to create it.

Failed to write ReBarState UEFI variable
GetLastError: 5

Flashed via AFUWIN. 4G enables, CSM disabled. Patchs was applied.

Any suggestions? Board Asus X99 Deluxe. Bios 4101.

Tried also on linux, get Segmentation fault error.

Hello @sf1 ,

How did you put ReBarDxe.ffs into the bios file?

Can you read the file from the board to chesk that it is there?

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You haven’t applied the patches correctly then. There specifically is patch to fix this

@68k-dude yes, I put it and I also tried the bioses modified by somebody else on this forum. Same result.

@Kuri0 Version - UEFIPatch_0.28.0_win32. I put the original bios, patches.txt and execute:
.\UEFIPatch.exe .\BIOS.CAP

parseImageFile: Aptio capsule signature may become invalid after image modifications
parseSection: section with unknown type 52h
parseSection: section with unknown type 52h
patch: replaced 22 bytes at offset 46CFh C70605000000833E067506C70604000000BE01000000 → 909090909090833E067506909090909090BE01000000
patch: replaced 8 bytes at offset FC6h 0F84B300000041F6 → 90E9B300000041F6
Image patched

patches.txt has the lines related to NVram:

# AMI APTIO V NvramSmiDxe (Socket 2011-v3 MB: C612, X99) NVRAM whitelist unlock
54B070F3-9EB8-47CC-ADAF-39029C853CBB 10 P:0F84B300000041F6:90E9B300000041F6

# NvramSmi NVRAM whitelist unlock (by @vit9696)
842A454A-75E5-408B-8B1C-36420E4E3F21 10 P:9801000072:0000000072


Hello @sf1,

Maybe I am not understanding what procedure you have followed.

Where did you get the cap file?

If you are using UEFI Tool,
Extract the bios section
Add the ffs file at the end of the dxe section
Save this file.
Apply the patches.

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This is what I did. I took the CAP file from Asus: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA2011/X99-DELUXE/X99-DELUXE-ASUS-4101.zip?model=x99deluxe

maybe bc I flashed it as .rom via AFUWin?

Hello @sf1,

I have performed the mod myself and I can confirm that there are two patches that apply.

"# AMI APTIO V NvramSmiDxe (Socket 2011-v3 MB: C612, X99) NVRAM whitelist unlock
"# PciBus | Don’t downgrade 64-bit BARs to 32-bit (by @Mak3rde)

Are you able to read the BIOS file from the mainboard to check that it has been flashed correctly?

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Hi all,

Was able to modify my UEFI on my Gigabyte GAZ170X-Gaming 3 and flash it all successfully as well as set an 8GB ReBAR via rebarstate.exe

Only issues:

Black screen on boot until Windows :
(this only applies when value is set in rebarstate if 0 is set BIOs splash screen shows as normal)

GPUz shows Rebar 0 - 8192 and Rebar 1 - 256 (unsure if this is actually an issue)

GPUZ and AMD Adrenalin report ReBAR as working

RX 6800 CT

CSM disabled & 4G Decoding enabled
msinfo32 reports BIOS mode is UEFI
GPU has factory unmodified VBios so I don’t think this is GOP issue

Hello @SS_Seppuku ,

Is that an 8GB card? I thought 6800XT were 16GB.

Did you try to apply the patches?

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It is a 16GB card. System has graphical issues and won’t post with 16GB set in rebarstate

Is UEFIPatch applied ?

All other Z170 users have had no problem with 16GB or even 32GB


Yes, I ran UEFI patch with the downloaded patches.txt

Edit: actually, i’m dumb I used a patches.txt that was included with UEFIpatcher reflashed with updated and correct file and am able to boot and get into Windows with 16GB reBAR. No splash screen on boot issue still persists.

Hello @SS_Seppuku ,

Can you post a screenshot of GPU-Z and the advanced tab?

Like this

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Thanks for the help!

Hello @SS_Seppuku,

Everything looks OK here.

Is the Integrated iGPU disabled?

Also, is fast boot enabled? I recall that causing problems but I can’t remember where I read it. Maybe Intel forum.

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I have tried with iGPU disabled and Fast boot disabled as well with no change. I currently have both on.
I have not tried checking if the splash screen is being output by the iGPU tho.

Amd audio bus is not working either. Error 12

Here try this (flash like normal and try to enable above 4g like how you do it):
Z170XG3Mod.rar (5.4 MB)

just make sure after you flash, disable CSM entirely, then save and exit, and do modgrub to enable above 4g decoding.

What have you changed in this?