Replace LAN/PXE Option Rom of Intel NUC D54250WYKH by IPXE Option Rom


I have an Intel NUC D54250WYKH2.

The BIOS is here:…LPT10H-86A-

It seems I need to build 80861559.efirom with, " Advanced, for experienced users", “EFI 64-bit ROM binary (flashable) image (.efirom)”, “PCI VENDOR CODE: 8086”, “PCI DEVICE CODE: 1559”. and “PROCEED”.

But I really don’t know how to get a modded BIOS with an IPXE Option ROM instead of the classic LAN/PXE Option Rom. I really prefer IPXE. I have an Intel Visual BIOS FYI.

Any ideas?

Should I do with MMTool (I really don’t know) and how?


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Any modification of an Intel mainboard BIOS is not easy and the subsequent flashing procedure as well (look >here<).
Since I have never done it, I cannot help you myself, but hopefully you will get some tips from anyone, who knows more about this topic than me.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hi and thanks!!

Are you saying that it’s better to contact Intel support and ask the *.rom file of my BIOS/UEFI and that the .rom file is better than a .bio file to mod my Intel Visual BIOS ?

No, you probably will not get from Intel what you want/need.

The first step is to own/buy a programmer. Intel has some signature checks that you wouldn’t be able to pass with a modded UEFI firmware. If they wouldn’t follow their own advices and check the firmware, how could they recommend security measures to other OEMs? Second step is to obtain a SPI image from that .bio file: it can be done manually with some work, better is to have one from Intel; either way, you need to ensure that NVRAM storage is not blank in your flashing image, to avoid loss of personal data (always start with a backup of current ROM). Third step is to make the right replacement. Based on your selection, I’m assuming you want to use iPXE in UEFI mode. In this case, you need to do something about the current EFI Lan driver, otherwise it might get loaded before your iPXE or conflict with it. In the ideal situation, you should get a multi-ROM image from iPXE, that has Legacy ROM + EFI ROM, to cover all cases. But I don’t know if they provide such images.

Firmware Content:


Thanks. Which programmer should I buy?

I saw this thread: How to modify an Intel MB/NUC UEFI BIOS named *.bio

I have the same Intel NUC. So, isn’t the SPI image already obtained by someone else of this thread?