[Request] A8-7680 UEFI Microcode Update for HP Pavilion 23-P149

did you integrate the Video Bios for Carrizo?

Sorry for the (very) late response. I have not updated the VBIOS, do you know of a guide/program to use for that purpose?



UBU can update to the latest AMD GOP, seems that vBios OROM are the same version.


With tools like UBU/UEFItool and MMtool u can replace/test other vBios OROM from that A68H or others, at ur own risk.

Thank-you so much :slight_smile:

I will try extracting them from the A68 BIOS, since most of the modules seem compatible with my A88 BIOS from what I’ve seen so far during my experimenting.

Most of my attempts have not bricked my board so far, but I figured out that the AmdAgesaDxeDriver & AmdProcessorInitPeim modules BOTH need to be replaced with ones from the A68 board to function. Updating either of the two without updating the other results in a brick & then have to enter recovery mode to revert back to original.

I’m also wondering now if maybe the CPU temp appears to be high because it’s reporting in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius? I calculated 102°F is equal to ~39°C, which is actually close to where I expected the CPU temperature to be.

Anyway, I’ll get back on this once I finish my current projects :wink:

I JUST stumbled across this thread! I am attempting to do EXACTLY what you are! I’m currently running an AMD A10-6700 in this board(f2a88xn-wifi) and purchased the A8-7680 to “upgrade” this board as far as it can go. Of course the APU failed to POST. I’ll be following this thread with baited breath!

Hi Cmnore,

Sorry for the late response, I’ve changed jobs recently & don’t have much time at the moment. I am still planning on completing this project, I’ve just got to put it on the shelf for a while until I have more time to just sit down & hammer away at it for a few hours.

But, yeah. The 7680 has really good thread performance on 4 physical cores with decent integrated graphics, so it was super obvious that an ITX build with this APU would run like a dream. Just wish the manufacturers didn’t turn their backs on it so quickly.

I know Win-Raid is currently working on transitioning to a new platform but if I don’t finish this before that happens, PM me & I’ll give you my E-mail to continue our conversation that way. Also, Win-Raid doesn’t send me E-mail notifications for thread activity for some reason, but I do get E-mail notifications from PMs.

Anyway, I will make it work one day, I just don’t know when that will be.

Thank you for the response! Unfortunately I can’t seem to PM you directly. I get an error message when I attempt to “see” your profile. I have subscribed to this thread so I’ll get a notification when you post. If you can somehow PM me? Please do so. I’d love to keep-in-touch on this project!