[REQUEST] Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-54)

Hello everyone,

I want modify frequency, voltage… of my RAM and of my CPU but I need to unlock advanced menu of my bios.

-Manufacturer: Acer
-Model: AN515-54
-Bios : InsydeH20 Setup Utility Rev. 5.0
-Bios Type: UEFI
-Bios Download Link: BIOS V1.28

PS : I have a dump of my bios with CH341A Usb Mini Programmer. If I don’t put the dump of my bios it’s normal because as you know it contains personal information so I’ll send it to you in PM.

Thank you all in advance.

@Lolow - I am not 100% certain on this unlock, only 99% sure of proper edit. Best you let Dudu2002 over at BIOS-mods.com forum do this one for you.
If you want me to try, send me your dumped BIOS.

Unlock attempt set #1 sent in PM * Edit, and resent!! Sent you edited setup module x3 first time
I think Unlock2 will get it for you, try that one first!

I have same interest, it would be great if we could adjust the memory timmings in this gaming laptop :slight_smile:

@nights - Do you have flash programmer? If not, we have to see if you can flash mod BIOS without, I am not sure on this system.
Please do the following, show me what error you get at #2 and then send me your dump BIOS region (we’ll make another later, if success after next step I give you after I see error)

If you have already modified the BIOS in ANY way, you will need to re-flash it back to factory defaults using factory method (NOT FPT)!!!

If you do not have Intel ME drivers installed, install them now from your system driver download page, then start over here after reboot.
Check your BIOS’ main page and see if ME FW version is shown. If not then > DOWNLOAD HWINFO64 HERE <

Once HWINFO is open, look at the large window on the left side, expand motherboard, and find the ME area.
Inside that section is the ME Firmware version. Take note of the version. (ie. write it down or get a screenshot)

Once you have that, go to the thread linked below, and in the section “C.2” find and download the matching ME System Tools Package for your system.
(ie if ME FW version = 10.x get V10 package, if 9.0-9.1 get V9.1 package, if 9.5 or above get V9.5 package etc)
> DOWNLOAD " ME System Tools " packages HERE <

Once downloaded, inside you will find Flash Programming Tool folder, and then inside that a Windows or Win/Win32 folder (NOT x64).
Highlight that Win/Win32 folder, then hold shift and press right click. Choose “open command window here” (Not power shell! >> * See Registry file below *).

If you get an error, reply to this post with a screenshot of it, OR write down the EXACT command entered and the EXACT error given.

((If “open command window here” does not appear, look for the “Simple Registry Edit” below…))

Step #1
Now you should be at the command prompt.
You are going to BACKUP the factory un-modified firmware, so type the following command:
Command: " FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin "

>> Attach the saved "biosreg.bin ", placed into a compressed ZIP/RAR file, to your next post!!! <<

Step #2
Right after you do that, try to write back the BIOS Region dump and see if you get any error(s).
Command: " FPTw.exe -bios -f biosreg.bin "
^^ This step is important! Don’t forget! ^^

If you get an error, reply to this post with a screenshot of it, OR write down the EXACT command entered and the EXACT error given.

Here is a SIMPLE REGISTRY EDIT that adds “Open command window here as Administrator” to the right click menu, instead of Power Shell
Double-click downloaded file to install. Reboot after install may be required

If the windows method above does NOT work for you…
Then you may have to copy all contents from the Flash Programming Tool \ DOS folder to the root of a Bootable USB disk and do the dump from DOS
( DOS command: " FPT.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin " )

Hi! Thanks for the help

This was the message I got after trying to flash the bios


@nights - You’re welcome! Error 167 is major pain sometimes, so you may have to get flash programmer
ownload the following package, and run the command below from each versions folder that directly contains it’s exe.
Once done, copy the entire folder somewhere, delete everything but any created vars.txt and then repackage this and send to me, this way all created vars.txt remain in place in the folders of the version that created them.

Command to run >> H2OUVE.exe -gv vars.txt

There may be errors, some may not work at all etc. Once done, leave all files in place, zip back up with max compression and upload to tinyupload.com or uploadfiles.io
To make it easier if you want, you can install this registry entry and reboot, this will add Open Admin CMD Prompt to right click, so you can just right click the folder with exe inside and open CMD directly via right click - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…134606820377175

I did search on entire web for a modded bios for my 515-54. Thanks i found it here! can you send me?

I do have the SPI-programmer and the SOIC8 clip, if needed, i shall use =)

This is my first topic, i must say that i’m a huge fan of your work!

@bressawsk - Wow, neither @nights or @Lolow got back to me above, so I am still not sure if I can unlock this one or not!
Thank you for the kind words and support, I really appreciate it!

Do you want to try first without flash programmer, or do you want to go right to programmer?
If you want to try without programmer, do FPT stuff at post #5 and send me file from step #1, then do stuff from post #7 and send me the package pack as mentioned there
If you want to go straight to programmer, please tell me your BIOS chip ID before you dump it, so I can tell you what software/version may work best to read/write, so we know you get a good dump and can write back properly.

@Lost_N_BIOS @Lolow
I can unlock it for you , just attach your dump from SPI- programmer !!

Let’s try without using flash programmer first, maybe we can help other ppl with this method.

I’m attaching my bios dump in this post.

If needed, this is the bios i’m using at this moment:
V1.31 - https://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles…BC=ACER&SC=PA_3


bios_dump.zip (4.34 MB)

@mesh17 - Thanks, for stopping in to help! I think I did already for Lolow, but in PM because he wanted his BIOS links remove here, but I am not 100% sure
I think I can unlock it as well, would you mind confirming this is correct menu unlock edit, so I know for sure Ahh, this is for BIOS 1.23, or maybe 1.28 (maybe all, I can’t tell for sure which I was working on when I made out this unlock notes) - Yes, I checked 1.31 too!
A0E: 70 >> 00
A46: 38 >> 00
A7D: 75 >> EB

And yes, I think I found Lolow further edits, after unlock, so I believe above is for sure correct. I have post edit follow up edits for him, where I then updated ME FW and maybe something else too.
So I’m 99.9% sure above is correct

But, in general, how awesome are you at unlocking Insyde BIOS?
Some I just cannot get no matter how long I look at them, it would be great if you can do all/most, then any time I am stuck I can try to remember to tag you and as you to help!

@bressawsk - Yes, I agree, it would be great to test it all out and see if possible without programmer, so it can help others.
What error did you get at step #2 of the FPT spoiler? And where is your vars dumps, from stuff at post #7? << Need both of these things to see about moving forward without programmer


Sorry about that, forgot to attach vars. Here it is.

I got no errors at all on FPT, am i missing something?

vars.txt (168 KB)

@bressawsk - Thanks. No, if you get no errors in step #2 of the FPT spoiler that’s great, it means you don’t have to do anything here with vars and everything is already unlocked.
I doubt this is true though, unless by some magic your BIOS is already unlocked? Are you 100% sure you did FPT Spoiler step #2 and no errors? >> FPTw.exe -bios -f biosreg.bin
I just edited the spoiler above, to make it clear that there is step #1 and step #2, but #2 already had bold red message “This is important step, don’t forget”


In fact there are errors


@bressawsk - Sorry for the delay! Thanks for checking about error, I thought so, this is expected Please put the file below back into H2OUVE folder, then run command below.
There will be list of success/failure, then reboot and make new BIOS region dump using FPT step #1 using new name, then now step #2 should pass/success, once that happens, upload the new biosreg.bin file for me to edit

H2OUVE.exe -sv varsM.txt

No problems!

I’m not in home at this moment, i’ll let you know asap!

Thanks for you time =)

@bressawsk - OK, and you’re welcome! No rush here, so whenever you get back to it is OK with me


Sorry for the delay. FPT #step2 didn’t show any errors at this time!
Check the attached files.




biosreg.rar (4.17 MB)

@bressawsk - Great! Here is 2x unlocked BIOS, first one may not get it all, so I included 2nd just in case
Please flash #1 first and then if no new power/Advanced menus, then flash in #2 - Let me know if #1 gets it too, thanks
Flash them in using FPT >> FPTw.exe -bios -f biosregm1.bin (or biosregm2.bin)

*** WARNING - To ANYONE with laptop and unlocked BIOS!!!
DO NOT try to enable this graphics card or disable that card, switch cards etc. Otherwise you will end up with no display output (ie black screen) and no way to recover except by blind flash or with flash programmer.
You can change graphics related settings, like changing memory sizes, or core speeds etc, just don’t try to disable one card or change which is main etc.

Additionally, be very careful when trying to undervolt CPU, you can leave BIOS unbootable due to CPU voltage too low (Sometimes even 0.05 is too much)

WARNING *** - This BIOS is user specific! If you are not user bressawsk at Win-RAID.com forum, DO NOT USE THIS BIOS!!
If you do, and you are not bressawsk, then you will loose your serial, UUID, OG NVRAM, and possibly LAN MAC ID as well.
You have been warned!!!