[Request] Add GTX compatibility in bios Clevo P870DM-g

Hi guys, I recently done the hardware mod for the Clevo P870DM-G following this guide: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/…upgrade.814711/

Added GTX 1070 G Sync, installed fine with driver mod.

My problem is that in bios the card it is not recognized, on the GPU says unknown. The second GPU FAN of the laptop not working because it does not recognize the card.

Need help in adding this card support in the bios that the second fan will work (like it works with the Clevo 980DT). Or mod the bios for card support.

Right now I am on the Clevo 1.05.07 stock gsync bios.

Pls help.



@Lost_N_BIOS Do you think the Gtx 1070 will be recognized if I add NVdGPUPei module to the DM bios with MMtool?

Lost has been offline since January

Does any other bios guru outhere can help me?