[Request] Asrock X58 SuperComputer roms update

MMtool (MMTOOL_3.22_1B_21Fix-BKMOD) shows that this motherboard’s bios (latest spectre+meltdown patched is this: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wke9sob2l3dnj24/X58SCMOD.zip) has 2 option roms: one for the realtek gigabit lan adapters (it has 2 ports) and one for the Intel Raid controller (ICH10R).
But the board has also a JMB362 eSATA controller that despite it being set to AHCI in the bios, it seems to work only in IDE mode, bottlenecking performances on that side.
Furthermore, I don’t find the related option rom on the bios file about this controller.
Can anybody tell me where to look to find it and also (maybe) update it?
Also where do I find the latest option roms for everything, online? I mean like the lan adapters, the Intel Raid, etc.?
Thank in advance.