[Request] Asus Maximus IX Hero Bios 1301 (2018.03.14) unlock tXP

I try to tune my memories for better performance and compatibility.
There is a group of DRAM settings “Bank-Rank Structure” which aren’t displayed in BIOS - thinking mostly of one of them - tXP.
(I tried MemTweakIt tool in many available versions - which should allow modifying these - with ME drivers and uninstalled windows patches blocking memory access - without any luck.)
Ended up with, that this feature is most likely reserved for hedt CPUs for online changes from OS.
Is it a big deal to make these settings visible and changable in bios?
Could anyone help me with such mod? (for remuneration?)
Or is there some other way to modify those which I’m missing?
Thanks in advance and best regards.

7700k+aMIXH on Win7 64 (7601)