[Request] ASUS Maximus V Extreme Z77 BIOS with full AHCI M.2 SSD Support

Thanks for the info! :smiley:

Well, I am having zero luck so far. I am familiar with BIOS Flashback, but for whatever reason, it never begins to flash the BIOS. It blinks only once or twice and stops. I checked both BIOS chips to make sure and neither changes from the version currently installed. Is a PCIEx16 to NVME M.2 Adapter and boot drive a lost cause?

Asus USB BFB can be very picky sometimes and also depends on motherboard models… smallest USB, different brands and FAT/FAT32, M5E.CAP is the name.

Gotcha, smallest I have is a 4gb anymore haha. I tried my old san disk, a Lexar and a Samsung so far. I’ll see what else I can dig up

I’m very late to the conversation here, and new to this forum. I tried everything I could find here, but for some reason my M.2 PCIe adapter is not being recognized in Bios or on Windows. Both Microsoft and Asus have been less than helpful. It worked once two months ago when I initially installed it to do a data migration for my new build which will use all NVMe drives. I removed the PCIe adapter, but unfortunately my build got delayed. I put it back in last week (now that I finally have everything to do my build) but it’s not even being identified. Comes up in device manager as “unknown device”. I was able to do the “flash” method listed above last night and I thought it went thru successfully, but the M.2 NVMe PCIe adapter still isn’t appearing in the bios and definitely not Windows. Before I got back to Microcenter to exchange this PCIe card for a fourth card…any thoughts on what’s happening here?

It worked before and not now… defective adapter or drive on it or motherboard…
Test it on another system and you’ll know…
In a system without NVMe support or mods, it must be physical present in windows as standard storage drive.

EDIT: Very strange on a M5E, so many PCIe slots…no slot worked.
Keep in mind that these adapters are not visible in windows, only when its populated.

EDIT: Glad you found that was defective HW adapter…else you had 5+2 broken slots…lol

The slot works fine with other cards (i.e. USB hub) and I couldn’t get the NVMe adapter to work in any PCIe slot, yet everything else does work. I’ll try it in another computer and if it works there I’ll be at a total loss. Microsoft says it’s a bios issue. Asus says it’s a windows drivers issue.

Update: Looks like I was getting crap PCIe adapters. Finally got one that worked. The NVMe SSD came up in the bios (thanks to the modded flash instructions) and it’s working fine. After I finish cloning everything for my new build I might just have to update this rig to a NVME SSD since I found a card that actually works. Thanks for the help @MeatWar !

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