[Request] Asus Maximus VI Extreme - NVME boot support

hello all,
can someone help me with my Asus Maximus VI Extreme - NVME boot support ?

any help would be appreciated…

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What about doing it yourself by following >this< step-by-step guide? It is much easier than you may have thought.
Another option would be to look within >this< Forum section for anlready modded BIOS for your specific mainboard.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

thank you for the prompt response…
first of all, i’m afraid of bricking my mb, i’m rather newbie and second, yeah i searched the forum, but no modded bios for Asus Maximus VI Extreme…

The BIOS modification itself is not dangerous at all, only the flashing of a not properly modded BIOS may be risky.
That is why we offer to check the integrity of your modded BIOS before you are going to flash it.
Note: For the inspection we need access to the original and the modded BIOS

Dont be afraid, this model has USB FBB feature, you can always recover the bios.
Consult the motherboard manual and keep a safety USB a side, prepared for any recovery.
Perform a bios backup (SN, MAC, UUID is on it) before any mod flash and procede with Fernando’s guidance.
You can do the mod directly from the Asus CAP file or from a copy of the saved backup.

i think i did it…
can you please check orig vs modded bios ?

Seems ok, now prepare the 2 usb drives, the previously pointed recovery and the the mod flash.
Now flash the mod using the Asus USB BFB feature, using the back i/o button:
-Shutdown the system, ac off for 2m, plug in the usb on the correct usb port, power ac on only and press the BFB button, it will take about 2 to 3m, with increased led rate till it goes out.
-Power on the system and check bios settings or load defaults.
-Now follow Fernando’s guide on How to install a PURE UEFI x64 OS on the new NVMe disk.
Good luck.

it works, thank you.
since i cannot upload, can you do it for me, in the proper section ?

You want to share it on the forum, your mod file? Or you want to upload it to verification?
Read the forum rules or you can share it by an external sharing service provider, like Google drive, Dropbox, Mediafire etc…