[Request] ASUS P67 Rev 3.1, unlock lower fan minimum duty cycle

Hello, I have attached a dump of my ASUS P67 Rev 3.1 rom obtained with CH341A.

I would like to learn how to mod my bios to allow for fan speeds lower than 60% for chassis and 20% for CPU, so far I have extracted AMITSE and tried searching for “3C”/60 decimal and I’m stuck here with 50+ results.
I have already unlocked the features I need from my rom and updated it using UBU

Thank you for your time

Edit: CPU can actually be set to 0%, I was just confusing it with the other user who had my problem

Edit 2: Just opened extracted Qfandxe and searched for 3C, I attached file of results, Am I on the right track? Which ones should I change?

P67 Rev 3.1 modded, updated, with profiles.zip (3.21 MB)