[Request] Asus PRIME Z270-A Winbond chip (25x05cling 1724) data

The Winbond chip data was deleted because it was mistaken for BIOS.
I need Winbond (25X05CLING 1724) Chip 64KByte/512kbit dump file
Do you have it?
Please help me

M/B : Asus Prime Z270-A


@redvenus - You should always backup any chip before you erase or write to it
Sorry this happened, maybe you can ask Asus directly to send you a copy of the chip contents.

Ask over at badcaps.net forum too, someone may be able to dump for you.
If you can’t find, you can also ask at vinafix.com, if someone posts for you there you will probably have to pay $3 for 1-2 day download access.

You can also search this forum via search here and at google using >> Asus Z270-A site:win-raid.com
And see if you find any threads where members discuss having programmer or CH341A, then if you do, you can ask those users to dump the chip for you.

I know the following users have this board and programmer, maybe one of them can dump this chip for you? Add an image of the chip’s location, since not all boards may use same chip ID in that location.

It may be this, but I am not 100% sure, this is dump ItsLeo sent me, but I can’t find the post where he said which dump was which chip (or it’s not clear in that post?
If you write it back, and it fails, then either incompatible software and you need to use another version, or this is not the correct contents for that chip and you’ll need to wait for someone to dump it for you.

Boot was successful
Thank you very much.
Works fine


Hi man, that was indeed the dump and Im glad it helped. If you dont mind, Id like to ask you @Lost_N_BIOS and @redvenus as well as
if any of you guys could get me a dump of the bios file, which should be 25Q128A13EDF 99CHN from the same board. I still don’t know if it’s actually the bios but I erased the chip so I need the dump anyway. And also the dump for the APL5337 PT5FV if posible

can you take me one photo of each chip? @ItxLeo