[Request] Asus Tuf B550 Resizable BAR small 4G MOD


I want to be able to use smart access memory on a rx 580 4g vram video card and the Asus tuf b550 plus motherboard. I can’t do this because I can’t edit the bios.
The ReBar 4g module but the video card has 4 GB of RAM instead of 8 as needed. I saw on the net that there are tests with video cards like mine with 4 gigs of ram. The ReBarDxe.ffs module must be inserted in the motherboard bios and from Windows to be able to set the rebar size smaller than 4G.

Installed the ReBar Dxe.ffs module with mmtool v5. in the bios of the motherboard and when I save the bios it gives me the error “saving secure capsule as unsigned”. Ezflash: “Selected file is not a properBIOS!”

Hello @WhitePaul,

See the Guide for Asus mainboards here

If you get stuck, i’m sure some kind person will help.

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