Request: ASUS WS X299 SAGE/10 BIOS MOD for Bifurcation

Hey guys,

i would love to connect an ASRock Ultra Quad M.2 PCIe card to one of the first PCIe slots of my ASUS X299 SAGE/10G. Prefered is slot #3.
I checked ASUS BIOS rev. 2002 for that board via AMIBCP and i could see, that it has settings for Bifurcation:


I also checked the various posts here in Forum about bifurcation for the various MoBos - but none of them worked for me.
I chcked and compared the BIOS settings to my other X299 Board (ASRock X299 OC Formula), which does it "out of the box" with latest ASRock BIOS 1.90.
In the BIOS for ASRock i could find the settings for bifurcation in the SETUP section under ADVANCED/IIO Configuration:


But in the ASUS 2002 BIOS the settings are NOT located in SETUP. Instead they will be found under SOCKIT Config/IIO Configuration/Socket0 Configuration
But this part is nowhere to find in BIOS under ADVANCED.

As ASUS officialy stated, that the SAGE/10G does NOT support bifurcation - i think it might be still possible. So iwould like to ask, if someone is willing to take
a look into BIOS 2002 and let’s see, if it is possible to make it selectable and working. Attached you will find ASUS_2002_BF.zipBIOS 2002, which has noc typical ASUS captule modul anymore,
cause i flash all my BIOSes from ASUS with INTEL FPTW.

If you need any further details, please feel free to contact me for any details you might need. Hope, some is able to do me a favour. Thanx in advance…