[REQUEST] ASUS X99 Deluxe II - Determining undocumented changes between BIOS versions

Hey Community,

So in my never-ending quest for system optimization, I’ve been running my CPU on an older BIOS and microcode (1C on BIOS 1802 for Broadwell-E) to evade any Spectre/Meltdown performance penalties along with disabling mitigations in the OS.
Since Asus was so kind as to provide BIOS updates with patched microcodes, this spiked my interested if they had also commited some other pending, undocumented changes into those newer BIOS updates.

Is there any way to determine whether there were substantial changes apart from the microcode update between two BIOS versions? In this case, between older BIOS 1802 and 2101.
I tried comparing with UEFITool and HxD, but my findings were unconclusive. If there were more changes, I could just replace the microcode and use potential other fixes and updates by ASUS.

Thanks in advance.