[Request] Bios Mod for Asus Strix Z490 I

Couple options looking to be able access in BIOS HPET and CPU spread spectrum.

If not able to toggle in BIOS would like them turned off.

Version 2103


Will Donate



You should wait until Lost_N_BIOS is back online.

Ok thanks

Bump link added to OP

Windows 10 enable/disable hpet:

Tap on the Windows-key, enter cmd and select to run the command prompt with administrative privileges.
To enable HPET as the only timer run the command bcdedit /set useplatformclock true
To disable HPET in Windows run the command bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock

Disable windows game mode
Tap on the Windows-key,select settings,click on Gaming,turn off gaming mode,game bar,background recording

Latest bios version is 2005,dated 2021/01/15
Your device is still supported and highly likely will receive further updates,therefore your modifications will not be permanent.It would be best to disable/enable it on OS level

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I know how to disable in windows want to disable bios level.

New BIOS 2103