[Request] Bios Mod for Dell T20 (C226 Chipset) to get all Xeon E3 V3 Cores working @turbo

Hi Guys :slight_smile:

my Dell T20 was a cheap giant of performance, since years. Now i want to try to get every little percent of performance out of the Xeon E3 1230 v3 on this board and don’t want invest in a h97, z97 board with old microcode just for setting the multi @37 to get 3,7Ghz on all cores.

I know the stock Dell board with C226 Chipset and Xeon are not made for overclocking, so the bios doesn’t offer any performance related options and Dell provided no raw bios File, just the .exe

I want to know if anyone are able to code the bios for running all cores turbo @3,7Ghz (Multi 37) instead of @3,3Ghz (Multi 33).


Thank you so much in advance, and let me know if I can help.


Bios File: