[REQUEST] BIOS mod to get an i3-8100 or 9100F running on Gigabyte GA-H270N wifi

I’m not very familiar with this kind of stuff, so I’d like to ask someone more experienced to create it for me.

The motherboard is GA-H270N-WIFI (rev. 1.0), unfortunatelly I’m not allowed to post the link to the official BIOS-es list yet (I’m under 3 posts) but I’m sure you can find it.
Thanks in advance!

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@robocop - What is the SSPEC of your 9100F, printed on top of CPU, SRF6N or SRF7W?
And, what is your old non-coffee CPU model?

Which BIOS do you want to use F6, or F8d (suggested), or other?

Hi Lost_N_BIOS,

thanks for your reply.

The SSPEC on the 8100 is SR3N5. I don’t know the 9100F’s yet, I’m about to buy one of them but I didn’t get a reply from the seller yet. Isn’t it possible to add the support for both?

As to the BIOS, if F8d is suggested then I’d like that one.

Edit: the 9100F is an SRF7W.

The old non-Coffee Lake is an i3 6100.


@robocop Looks like Lost_N_BIOS has been very busy so I’ll jump in to help.

The 8100 (SR3N5) and 9100F (SRF7W) are both B0 stepping (CPUID 906EB) and are the easiest to get working as you don’t need to do any pin isolation or SKTOCC (socket occupied) mod - you can just flash modified BIOS and drop the CPU in.

I have modified the F8d BIOS to support both 8100 & 9100F, and enabled flashing with Q-flash.


Usual disclaimer: You flash a modified BIOS at your own risk. It is up to you to make sure you have the ability to recover the motherboard if the flash should fail for any reason!

Another thing to be aware of is that your motherboard has the ‘DualBIOS’ feature.

If you flash the F8d beta BIOS (stock or modified) using Q-flash it will likely only flash the main BIOS chip.

This means you will likely have a different BIOS version on your backup BIOS chip and in the event of BIOS corruption or boot failure of the main BIOS chip, your system will attempt to boot from your backup BIOS chip.

If you have the 8100 or 9100F installed and the ‘DualBIOS’ feature kicks in for whatever reason then this would result in a no POST situtation and you would need to reinsert your old Skylake 6100 CPU to be able to POST and recover the system.

To get around this potential problem you can flash the modified BIOS to both BIOS chips at the same time using EFIflash from a DOS bootable USB stick - note that you should test the modified BIOS first with Q-flash and once you have confirmed it is working ok then flash both BIOS chips using EFIflash.

You can download EFIflash here, command line options for EFIflash can be found in this thread also.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

@chinobino - Thank you! Yes, I can hardly keep up anymore
About the backup chip, 300 series have a checkbox at bottom of the Qflash area “Also Update Backup BIOS”, and all may have this since the revamped all BIOS not too long back.
So, this one may have it too, I’m not sure. Be sure to look while in Qflash - Example image of what I mean here on Z390 - https://i.imgur.com/h3rx8Vw.jpg

Hi Guys,

many thanks for your previous help. May I ask for another upgrade?

The 9100F seems to be getting outdated, I’d like to buy a 6 core, 8400,8500,8600 or 9400,9500,9600.

Could someone add these to the above modded bios?

Hi again @robocop

Here is the F8d BIOS with the following (latest) microcodes added;

506E3 (Skylake) = EC
906E9 (Kaby Lake) = EC
906EA (Coffee Lake) = EC
906EB (Coffee Lake) = EC
906EC (Coffee Lake) = EC
906ED (Coffee Lake) = EC


I have removed the microcode for CPUID 506E8 (Kaby Lake ES) to make room for all of the Coffee Lake microcodes so you are covered no matter which CPU model you choose.

Just remember to isolate the CPU pins and do the SKTOCC mod if you are installing any Coffee Lake CPU that is not CPUID 906EB.

Many thanks Chinobino!