[REQUEST] BIOS Unlock and NVME support for ASUS ROG GL552JX

Hi, i have ASUS GL552JX with Intel Core i7 4750HQ and Nvidia GTX 950M, however i want to unlock this bios because i need config like cpu throttling, also it possible to get NVME M.2 Support?,
BIOS Info:
Manufacturer: ASUS
Model: Republic Of Gamers GL552JX
Bios Intel ME Version: 9.0, Build 1482, Hot Fix 30
Bios Revision : 209

Here is my dump bios file (using Intel ME Tool v9) and bios upgrade file:
GL552JXAS209.zip (4.6 MB) Notice: This zip already include .209 and dump .bin files.

Thanks you so much!

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Thanks you for replying with this information, seems like nvme support is maybe impossible because chipset itself and oem, however did anyone have bios unlock for gl552jx?, because I already see in other forums but no longer working, also I don’t want risk with other model firmware.

I trying found bios modding for this laptop but right now they are unavailable, i want to fix my cpu throttling (ThrottleStop and Intel XTU didn’t help too much), also i don’t want to modify bios with myself.

I am back, someone help me to modded bios, however it kinda flash successfully with Error 204?

I don’t understand, now i don’t know i can safety reboot or not but i think not.

There’s a search box on the forum… to use it, preferably…

error 204 data verify mismatch
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Thanks you, kinda i need to use DOS to flash, however it already flash and i need to flash oringial bios one (i already dump) i need flash my dump bios or upgrade bios files?

Thanks you!

Its already flashed what? a mod file and now you need to flashback the original dump?
Upgrade what bios file???

We do not see what you are doing… we are not on the same room as you are, do please describe the operations correctly so remote users on the forum can understand correctly what you’re doing…
And dont expect a user goes back to your initial post to read it all…

Sorry for that, i just have small panic, however i restored the bios files before modded bios, here is screenshot

I gonna reboot and try flashing it by using DOS…

Try to avoid, and this is general rule, long file path due to folders and no space between words, work always as possible in the most root of a disk, ex: x:\me91\fptxxx.exe

Hi I’m back again, I flashing the modded bios with DOS Bootable drive , I still getting same error.

I have no idea what happened, however I already reflash my backup bios with no failed or any error.

Seems my advice is not valid for you…
and where did you read/learn about fpt tool switches?
These are those small details that users don’t care or ignore to read/learn and pay dearly for them.
Its more that written in the forum, on several posts, that this tool doesn’t care what is told to do, right or wrong…
So tell me, what do you think of your flashing with that cmd line?
Figure it out and learn before posting and users losing their time…like me.

Oh by the way… how do you expect a forum user reader, guessing what kind of mod and operations you did to a bios file, what type of crap/mistakes done, for knowing a possible advice on that data mismatch?

I’m sorry, i’m new in here (About FPT/AMI), i already saw that posted and i am trying to understand and follow, i already disable secure boot, overclocking and etc in my system but i still stuck in Error 204: Data verify mismatch found.

However, this laptop (ASUS GL552JX) can be flashed by using Intel FPT (9.0) and AFUWIN? I am not sure about that.
Also my house have CH341A so if it really brick, so i will can restore original bios right?

Again, if i make you annoying, i am need very sorry because my entire life, i never use AMI bios before.

Intel FPT tool has nothing to do with AMI tools, 2 different companies, 2 similar tools but different approaches, Intel tool not intended for end-user, AMI tool as option for end-user when OEM doesn’t provide it or included own flash tool.
Every “enthusiast” user comes to a forum with a mod request… but in these modern days and technologies, it requires much more “tricks” to bypass security measures implemented by the UEFI specification and firmware providers, to flash the mod itself.
So different approaches have to be taken and not always equal to all kind of system boards and firmware (aka BIOS->UEFI Firmware) types, this will envolve the use of several tools in one way or another… why?, because as the firmware is modified, regular OEM or official flash tools will prevent it as its considerate a hack, breach, intrusion etc etc…

The cmd you show in your capture screen, is not valid to the Intel FPT tool and its placed in the end of it (-bios), this flag tells the tool to flash ONLY the bios_region, when entered like you did, the flag is invalid and the tool flashes the given data to the whole IC…
The IC SPI firmware of the system has several regions…can you picture it now!!!

Read and read…
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