[Request] Bios unlock of Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G

Hello there!
I am currently owning an Acer aspire 5 A515-51G. the motherboard’s name is C5V01 LAE-892P.

I am trying to unlock my BIOS password. I tried to look for CMOS and actually found that battery. I removed it for like 3 hours and put it back. The password was still set. I tried to fiddle around with the plateform.ini file in the BIOS driver installation like what shown in the picture below. I set the password to 1 ( even though I think ALL means that everything below will be force flashed including the pasword).
But it didnt work.

As for now I couldn’t find the Unlock key for that you get after trying 3 times a wrong password. The key is 1136186757 if anyone can help me with that!

Another thing I tried is to download the clnpwd. But it requires the laptop to be booted to floppy disk.the problem is I cannot boot from external drive since its disabled from the BIOS. I also tried to find that option in the platform.ini to solve it but I couldn’t find it.

I found other softwares that can run under Windows but I got scared of ruining the laptop since I read some comments about some people who have tried it and said that their laptop didn’t boot after using it.

This was the main reason why I want to unlock.I tried to Install linux once, and found out about the boot from external drive option disabled.then I booted to the BIOS and found out that its locked.I bought the laptop used and I haven’t checked the BIOS since the day I got my hands on it.the worst part is,if something happens for example during a Windows Update. the laptop is done for.

Drivers page : https://www.acer.com/ac/fr/FR/content/su…roduct/7244?b=1

I am a newbie here. I found some forums that asks you to pay in order to give you the unlock key, but I didn’t wanna risk it.besides 30dollars seems alot to me as a student.
Can someone show me the way of how to unlock it? I appreciate any help!

platform.ini and that password setting has nothing to do with password you are trying to remove. Best to ask for help about this on BIOS-mods.com forum, they are specialist when it comes to removing BIOS passwords.
You will have to dump your BIOS for them, stock BIOS does not help here. And since you will be flashing in a mod BIOS, you may need flash programmer, it would be best to get this anyway since it’s so cheap (CH341A + SOIC8 test clip with cable is what you need)
That may be the only way you can flash in a mod BIOS, so best to order it now instead of thinking about it maybe.

You can try this kind of sites, but these master passwords only work if you are getting an error code on screen