[Request] Clevo P150SM unlocked bios

Hi there guys,
I own a Clevo P150SM and recently I got a new GTX 980M.
When I look in bios under VGA it says “VGA: Unknown device” and I can’t get the card to work.

I searched all around and found out about some Prema bios mod but all the links are dead and I can’t get it anywhere.

I’m asking if anyone knows where I can get that bios mod or if anyone could unlock the stock bios so I get this card to work I’d really apreciate it and pay a beer. :grin:

@drillzz - If this system didn’t originally sell with that video card, then you may never be able to get it to work, since it would need vBIOS for the card in BIOS usually, that’s configured for the system (something end users can’t do)
BIOS mod to unlock menus wont help anything related to this, but I may be able to unlock BIOS for you if you give me a link to the stock BIOS package or a dump of the BIOS from your system

If that model, originally sold with that card in some configurations if you paid more for example, then it probably should work but may need BIOS update or may need other updates etc. Are you 100% sure the 980M you purchased works?
I can’t guess any further without seeing BIOS, so I’ll stop typing here

You don’t need a modded BIOS, you need a modded driver.