[REQUEST] Dell G5 5590 1.14 Fully Unlocked Bios

Hey guys,

I was recently trying to mod my Dell G5 5590 (Core i7 9750H and RTX 2060 Mobile) BIOS and get some improvements, but there is several things that still locked by default.

First, I used the UniversalBiosBackup2.0 to get the current 1.14-version bios ROM file, then I used UEFITool and IRFExtractor to see the current BIOS variables in a TXT file, similarly to what Meanpooh explains in this video: "Dell G5 5500 BIOS Modification Tutorial for Undervolting" in YouTube.
At the moment, using a bootable pendrive with grubx64.efi, I have changed some variables to unlock undervolt and allow real time memory timmings changes via Intel XTU (setup_var Setup 0x5C4 0x0" and "setup_var Setup 0x660 0x0" to unlock undervolt, "setup_var Setup 0x72D 0x01" and "setup_var Setup 0x9F8 0x01" to latter).

Looking up into the extracted TXT file from BIOS (attached) I have found a lot of menus that are suppressed by default using the statement "Suppress If {0A 82}". I have no ideia for what does {0A 82} stands for… But maybe change it somehow get the job done.

So, my goal is to get help to unlock at least the CPU BCLK (Base Clock Frequency) and enable XMP Profiles or RAM Overclocking to get some more performance.
Also, I have tried to change the memory frequency using "setup_var Setup 0x924 0xB75" to goes from "Auto mode" in "Memory Frequency" to "2933" but this lead the laptop to stop booting and to start displaying a memory error (2 amber flashes and 3 white flashes - No Memory/RAM Detected) which was fixed by reflashing the BIOS chip (W25Q128JVSIQ or U4300 in the schematics) it the backup ROM (attached).
I have experience with programming, so I willing to learn how to edit the HEX BIOS file, if necessary to remove the suppressions.

Thanks in advance!

Volume_FFSv2_5C60F367-A505-419A-859E-2A4FF6CA6FE5 IFR_NEEEEW.txt (2.21 MB)

DellInc.G5-1.14.0.rar (4.92 MB)