[Request] Dell Optiplex 9020 ECC support bios mod

Hello everyone!

I ask you for a hand to solve a problem that is driving me crazy, I have a Dell Optiplex 9020 to which I would like to install some unbuffered and unregistered ECC RAM, I state that I am a newbie, but thanks to your posts I was able to modify the bios for NVME support which is fully functional, the problem that now I am facing is that by installing the ECC RAM, the pc does not start, so I did a test by installing the same ram on my other PCs, the first was a Dell Precision T1700 which I already knew supported them and starts without any problem, the second was a Dell Optiplex 780 which in theory should not support them, but instead starts up regularly and works perfectly, the third was a Lenovo thinkcentre which also this shouldn’t support ECC but instead it starts and runs without any problem, at this point I asked myself the question, is it possible that Dell defaults “ECC Control” to “Disabled”? I ask this question for 2 reasons, the first, because reading on the various posts I found one where one of you gurus talked about this function, the second because the other machines where I tested the RAM with the exception of the T1700 which supports them by default, they have ultra low-end chipsets (Dell Optiplex 780 - Intel H61), (Lenovo Thinkcentre - Intel H81), while the Dell Optiplex 9020 has the intel Q87 chipset, which in theory should be an almost twin of the C216.
at this point, I ask for your help to understand if it is a problem with the chipset that just does not digest the ECC, or if it is simply a software setting that prevents its use.

Thank you in advance for your help, I can’t attaching the link to original Optiplex 9020 bios file due to i’m new user, please search for O9020A25.exe