[Request] Dell t5810 bios unlock

Tried to do it myself. Amibcp didn’t unlock any menus for me. I put my original bios dump and the one I modified and flashed into a folder in my Google drive. Looking for overclock for cpu and memory , tdp control, and current limits. If you go through my modded list everything I set to user is what I thought I wanted. Any help will be greatly appreciated. And if the way to do this is unlock everything that’s fine too.


Bump. I have tried bios mods (4 of them) from a member on another forum with no success. Able to flash and boot just fine but nothing is getting unlocked. If anything so far it seems it’s hard to make changes that doesn’t let it work lol

First of all.update your bios to the latest (A34)
Then dump your bios,mod as you like (update modules etc) and finally use Amibcp to change settings
If you already have done with all those steps,or when you are done,bump this thread again with your intentions/expectations

The only thing missing from my first 2 post is that I am already on A34 bios. I have a ch134a programmer. I have modded using amibcp. I have moved modules around. Settings are still not visible. My bios dump and amibcp modded version are in my Google drive linked above.

Bump. Still never successfully got anything unlocked. Need help with someone modding the bios or help with someone telling me how to edit bios efi modules. I have found that I need to actually change defaults inside the efi modules. I can extract them out to read them in text form but have not figured out on how to use that information to edit the file.