[REQUEST] Downgrade BIOS version Insyde

Hp Pavilion 15 Gaming cx0001la
Intel i5-8300h
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050
15.6" Display

Basically I want to rollback to the really first version of this laptop BIOS which is the F.04. I have read similar cases in the HP forum which their BIOS updates have messed up the functionality of their laptops,

the same seems to be happening for me, recently I bought this laptop and happens that this had the F20 BIOS version, I was presenting concurrent shutdowns when my GPU or CPU reaches its 100% usage, the temperatures it reaches are 70°C, not even near to the thermal limit where it should throttle instead of shutting down. So I updated to the newest BIOS version to see if the problem was solved (F27 version) but it’s still happening.

I can’t rollback due to HP being evil and locking BIOS updates, I can’t even use this laptop for what I bought it for.
Please help me. :((

This a 2018 machine…“gaming use” any maintenance made to it?
If the cpu gets to 70 (If corrected and not more…), the gpu will be much higher than this…thermal vents ever cleaned, new thermal paste ever applied?

Current modern HP bios are very hard to mod/flash/force…just search on forum and you’ll see similar request… even with a programmer the chances are low to none.

I have an HP 15 laptop i5-8265U (for work off course, never spend money on a gaming laptop for sure) that on the UEFI diagnostics have an option to downgrade, have you checked yours.

This laptop was only bought a year ago, basically 4 days ago I opened it and inside it is still intact as far as dirt can be inferred, the fans and heatsink completely clean, I unscrewed and checked the paste and everything looked fine. There is also no physical damage, I repeat, everything is quite clean, I was quite surprised that no dust entered this one considering the location where I live.
The max GPU degree was 70°C too as if it was an integrated GPU. Everythings works properly. It’s just the BIOS, I’m sure of that.

I have no options to downgrade, since this only has really limited BIOS options and HP locks the options to do that while booting on Windows (Damn you HP…) due to the limitations of this. I’d ask for some modded BIOS of it
^This is the very first BIOS version of the laptop.
I hope this can be achieved.

Dont get hope in it…just search the forum and you’ll see…
The option i mentioned its not in regular bios setup, its booting into HP Hardware UEFI diagnostics (ESC).

Good luck.

EDIT: There is 2 versions of HP Hardware Diagnostics, one in Windows, and the one i mentioned is a boot partition, this is the UEFI Diagnostics, but not all HP models will show the roll back bios option in this.

As I said, my thing is just really limited,the HP Hardware UEFI diagnostics just have 4 options.
Memory check
Hard drive test

Sadly only those… seems like I will be condemned to only use this as an office laptop.

NOTE: I just updated the HP Hardware UEFI diagnostics… (LOL) and well, it still hasn’t that option, I might downgrade to see if it works.