[Request] GA-970A-D3 BIOS with NVMe Boot Support

Hello, I have a GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3 rev 1.0 motherboard, it could be activated or modified in the cmos bios, so that from booting pcie M 2 nvme ssd.
I can’t activate tpm 2.0 either.

Thank you

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Where is the BIOS you want to get modified? Please attach it or post the download link.
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hi, I already put the bios links. Thank you

Since the latest BIOSes for your specific Gigabyte mainboard are not UEFI ones (tested with F12 and F13b), it is impossible to insert the required NVMe EFI module.
The only options for you to boot off an NVMe SSD are either
a) to use a Samsung 950 Pro SSD (has an NVMe Option ROM in-the-box) or
b) to insert a specifically modified NVMe Option ROM into the BIOS (look >here<).
Anyway I am not able to help you.

By the way - since you had posted your request into a wrong (not matching) thread, I have moved your and my posts into a separate “BIOS Modding Request” thread.

Good luck!

I have a tought that the rev 3.0 bios might work in his bios? afaik the rev3.0 have the UEFI capability (AMIUEFI), so if @mcrae have a way to flash that uefi bios, might work (since rev 1.0-3.0 have the same/similiar board design)? since its a dual bios, op could recover the backup bios whenever main bios were corrupted

is flashrom a viable method to do this?

Hello everyone, Thank you. Just to try, but firmware rev 3.0 is not compatible with my motherboard, I already tried it and the flash said that it is not compatible.
Best regard.

You could try flashrom to flash the bios. DWYOR.

qflash would reject 3.0 bios cause its a different bios. you could try to flash 3.0 bios by using flashrom (read annex section), or try this flashefi under dos:
Flashefi.rar (2.7 MB)

extract .rar file, go to flash flashefi folder and run Flashefi_autoexec.bat, or make a Freedos boot drive, and copy the bios file and flashefi.exe to the freedos drive, boot to dos, type flashefi.exe 970AD33.FEi and see if flash efi could flash the file.