[Request] GA-H81M-DS2 (Rev 3.0) BIOS with NVMe Support

I’m looking for a modified bios for my GA-H81M-DS2 (Rev 3.0) motherboard, so I can boot from NVMe PCIe.
Someone can help me?
Many Thks

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Please follow the guide here: [HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS
Its an easy task with the correct tools, usually MMTool on there AMI IV core bios and later you can share the mod file here for verification of correct insertion of the NVMe DXE driver.

here you go

H81MDS23.rar (2.76 MB)


Let me ask… where did you get the NvmExpressDxe_5 file? Is it a dump from elsewhere? Cause as far as I remember there is a NvmExpressDxe_4 driver file around here since ages. I would like to know the difference between those two. Does the “5” has better compatibility over the “4”? So, what is the source of the “5”?


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i did get it by searching it here, fernando di post it here but i forgot which one, but its on the post regarding to his NVME Mod tutorial, it should be updated by now.

You may not have realized it, but >this< Guide has been updated by me on 01/31/2022.

U r right as usual, sir! People?? Naah… They dont read, they just ask stupid questions ;o))))


can i use this on GA-H81M-S2PV (rev. 3.0)??

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It is generally not recommended to flash a BIOS, which has been designed by the manufacturer for another mainboard model. You may brick your device by doing that.
Why don’t you modify the BIOS yourself according to the available step-by-step Guide?
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

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im not that much expert about that :disappointed_relieved:. and also afraid to do that :pensive: thats why im looking for mod bios for my device :pensive:

If you don’t want to try the BiOS modification yourself, you should better start a new “BIOS Modding Request” thread by naming your specific mainboard model within the title.

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This is the thread just about the mainboard model GA-H81M-DS2.
It is absolutely confusing for the Forum visitors to find here modded BIOSes, which are only usable with another mainboard model.
Please remove your post and wait until pok3mon307 has started a new request thread about his specific mainboard.