[REQUEST] Gigabyte G5 KC-5FR2130SH


I wanted to undervolt my notebook to have better temperatures during gaming.
However, the BIOS/UEFI doesn’t have an extensive range of options.

I tried ThrottleStop, the voltage parameters are locked as well (I guess due to the locked BIOS).

I’m not confident enough to modify myself a BIOS.

You can find the .efi and two photos in the attachment of this post.
If you need more information about the computer or need more photos (no screenshot in the BIOS, hooray !), feel free to ask

Many thanks in advance.

G5KC_FB05.zip (4.94 MB)



Hi, anybody helped you?

Hi. Unfortunately, nobody helped me.

Here you go :

Gigabyte G5 KC Bios Unlock/ Mod