[REQUEST][HELP]Asus A411UF(X411UF in america) unlocking hidden menu

Hey guys, i have A411uf and want to install Nvme ssd. the slot is supported, and hwinfo detect 2 PCI connector, x1 and x4 lane.
I just judge by the socket, m.2 M key and thinking it support Nvme ssd. turns out it doesn’t detect my nvme ssd. here i attach the nvme placed into the right slot.
i’ve been following add full nvme to bios, but it seems it doesn’t help. i saw a few video from newst asus laptop and seen they have “Nvme configuration” menu on their bios advance menu but it doesn’t appear for me.

i need help to unlock hidden menu and added nvme driver if it possible.

NOTES: my bios have capsule type

My bios is locked. I’m following a guide to unlocking it and I successfully unlocked

biosreg - untouched.zip (4.38 MB)