[REQUEST] - Help with Dump replacing BIOS region - Sony Vaio Fit

Hi all! I ve a Sony Vaio Fit Laptop, which isn´t booting, I searched information about it, and most of time is a Bios problem.
The Laptop sometimes boot (show POST and start windwos after like 5 hours) but most of the time doesnt even show POST (black screen)
The strange think is, once it boot into windows, I can use it perfectly and suspend it and resume in, but if I turn it off then I´ve the same problem described above.

So, short story long, I managed to save a dump using Ch341 programmer, (verified dump), and also I got a BIOS from official site of Sony (Bios Update).
I will need, if someone can help me, to replace the Bios Region in my Dump with Bios region form Offical BIOS form Sony.
The files are attached.

Ty very much!!!

PS: I read a lot but cant figure out how to do the process of replacing BIOS region, if someone is willing to tell me or show me some tutorial It will be very appreciated.

Sony Vaio Fit - Bios Dump.rar (3.17 MB)

Original Sony BIOS - R0250DA.rar (1.95 MB)

What bios chip do you have?

Do you maybe have a bios dump that was created from inside the os?

I think your dumped bios is corrupted in the EfiFirmwareFileSystemGuid (7A9354D9-0468-444A-81CE-0BF617D890DF)
Ive replaced that one with the one from the downloaded one

Sony Vaio Fit - Bios Dump - repairtry.zip (3.22 MB)

You are right its corrupted my bad, I dumped now with CH341 programmer again and it seems fine, at least UEFITools shows me some concrete information.

Could u pls, now replace Bios region of this dump with New bios form sony?, ty in advance.

Dump Vaio FIT-21082019.rar (3.17 MB)

It works! I flashed the File u Upload with correct "EfiFirmwareFileSystemGuid (7A9354D9-0468-444A-81CE-0BF617D890DF)" and now the Laptop works perfect!!!

ty very much!