[Request] How to Recover MTM+SN of a Lenovo Ideapad 330s-15IKB?

I am using Lenovo ideapad 330s-15IKB and BIOS is InsydeH20,
after swap mainboard,some information in BIOS is missing, please see the following

Product name -----------
BIOS version 7scn36ww
MTM ----------
Lenovo SN ----------
Pre Installed OS license ----------
OA3 Key ID -----------
secure boot Enable.

let see the screen.

please help me to put correct information.

thank you in advanced.

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You can normally extract those from the old motherboards firmware and insert the data block into the new boards’ firmware. Otherwise you’d have to use Lenovos tools if you have access to them. Sometimes a Lenovo bios update asks if there’s a need to put in a new serial.
There’s a tool for decrypting the data block with this information (I never used it):


I made the tool that lfb6 sent and unfortunately the data will be invalid if you use it because Lenovo uses a checksum to validate DMI now. I am currently updating it but it’s gonna take a while until I found the algorithm for the checksum generation. If you want you can upload a BIOS dump and the data that you want inserted and I’m going to edit it for you so the data is going to be valid.

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I don’t know how to extract BIOS dump files, what’s tool or utility we can use, please guide me the tools and how to use it

@phuwanart Hi and welcome to Win-Raid forums,

This model is from 2018 and the SMBIOS/DMI information is not encrypted.

All of the missing information can be read directly with a hex editor from a BIOS dump from the original motherboard - which you can usually obtain using a hardware programmer (even if the motherboard is faulty) as long as the BIOS chip is still functional. You may need to de-solder it from the motherboard.

The BIOS chip is 8 MB (64 Mbit) and most likely Winbond for that Lenovo model.

The flash descriptor will be locked on the new motherboard so you should get a hardware programmer to make things a lot easier.

You will need to make a complete backup of the BIOS currently on the new motherboard and edit that file to fill in the missing SMBIOS/DMI info.

You can then flash the modified file back to the board with the hardware programmer.

for mine, ME version 11.8 Build 3626_Hot fix 70, I can’t find ME system tools for this version, please guide me

ME11 tools package but the thread is for reading also, before flooding unnecessary questions.

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