[REQUEST] HP 15-BW0XX Unlock Advanced Settings and Remove Whitelist

HP 15-bw053nt is the exact model, but in bios it’s called 15-bw0xx

Bios version F51.Rev.A

I have an eGPU on the way. I might need to remove whitelist to use PCIe port. I used some methods I found, apparently there is a whitelist. I modified it but failed to flash the modded BIOS.

I might also need to disable dGPU in BIOS, but I don’t have advanced settings unlocked. I tried to unlock it too, but same result as above.

One last thing: my RAM seems to support 2400Mhz according to CPU-Z and HWINFO64 but it runs at 1866Mhz. Maybe I can change it if I can access advanced settings?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I see that there are some discussions in this thread regarding the same BIOS.
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