[Request] Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 15ACH6 - Support of >1TB NVMe SSD

Hello, Reader. Thank you for reading my post.

So, I am here, as I said, out of what I perceive to be a necessity. I do not know where to start. What seemed like a “I’ll just slap it in there” has turned out to be perplexing.

The model is Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 -315ACH6 : BIOS H3CN30WW(V2.00)
Sabrent Rocket Nano NVME

I have seen others, maybe with the same gear achieve success, but basically the Lenovo BIOS seems to be the restricting factor. It doesn’t show up on the EFI disks when I install it. I had cloned the OS onto the NVME PCIe SSD. I am not opposed to a fresh install, but without it being able to see the SSD I am at a loss.

Not sure where to start but I think I am in the right place. I can read the fucking manual, just need a couple of pointers or threads to get the gist. Any help is appreciated. Honestly I wish I could just nuked the Lenovo restrictive BIOS and do what I want, which is to have a 2TB boot disk with Linux and Windows dual boot. LMK Thanks again.

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As you can read at the bottom of your first post, I have moved this thread into the better matching “BIOS Modding Requests” Forum section and customized the title of it. If you want, you can change it at any time by editing your start post.

Now to your request:
I seriously doubt, that it will be possible to implement the requested support of a 2TB NVMe SSD by a BIOS modification done by the user.
On the other hand it may work even without such risky procedure:
According to >these< product specifications of your Lenovo laptop >1TB sized M.2 NVMe SSDs may be natively supported.
The failure to get the new SSD (other manufacturer/model and size) working by simply cloning the complete data of the old SSD is not a proof, that the new SSD will not be usable at all with your Lenovo laptop. What your new SSD may need is a new boot sector (EFI boot partition) with the correct information about your new SSD.
My advice:
Try to get Win11 clean installed onto the new SSD. If you don’t know how to do it, please read the chapter “B. Best/safest procedure to get Win10/11 properly installed onto an NVMe SSD”, which I have layed down within “Step 4” of >this< Guide.
If the clean OS installation should by successful, you can decide at any time to replace the data of the drive C: by the previously cloned old drive C: data (don’t touch the new EFI partition!).

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

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Why did you start a second thread about the same topic? Since this was not a good idea, I have deleted the other thread.
By the way - the specific model of your Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 laptop is 15ACH6 and not 315ACH6.

Sorry, I just wasn’t sure where the proper forum was.