[Request] Lenovo V130-14IKB Spread Spectrum Option/BCLK

My BIOS (InsydeH20 8YCN39WW REV 5.0) can be unlocked with certain key combinations along with spamming F2 after turning on laptop. I went into the Intel ICC section and found out that I can kind of change BCLK frequency (only 99.5-100) and Spread Mode Adjustments says None Allowed. I want to be able to disable Spread Spectrum because my bus speed is around 99.6-99.8mhz and I want to see if I could get it to 100mhz and if possible, slightly higher. Basically I want to try BCLK overclocking.

I currently don’t have a programmer but I can flash the BIOS bin through InsydeH20’s crisis recovery method which involves putting the ELMV2_6L.bin file in a FAT32 USB, then charging the laptop and holding FN+R when turning it on.

If this is possible, I would gladly appreciate it. I will cooperate as much as possible.

Edit: BIOS Download Link

It has something to do with Intel ME:

Edit: I tried to modify the Intel ME Firmware that I got through my manufacturer website using Intel Flash Image Tool, created profile 1 with BCLK set to 100mhz without spread %. Flashed it using FPTW64 but going into the BIOS shows no difference. I think I have to flash the entire BIOS along with ME?

The update provided by Lenovo is applied with FWUpdLcl, meaning the update file is sent to the ME and the ME itself updates its code- but not the settings! You can configure what you want in an update image, it wont change the ME settings in ME firmware applied to.

Don’t rely on that update image having the correct settings for your machine, those need to be taken from your own dump (or a stock firmware image containing a complete firmware image)!

Those update files are- at least for newer versions- not a region, so you can’t simply use them as replacement for an ME region in a dump.

Does that mean I should do the same process of using Intel FIT but with my own ME region dump? But you did mention that it does not update the ME settings. What can be done to do this?

Basically like described here:

You decompose your own dump, take ME settings with FIT, exchange ME region in decomp folder with one from repository, build again. This ME region will have changed settings.

(That’s how it would work technically, but if this gives you the results you wish for of may brick your machine or… I don’t know!)

For flashing back you’d possibly need a programmer, unclear which regions the Lenovo recovery procedure will restore and if it’s able to work with a changed image, possibly not.

Thanks, I will look into it soon. :+1: