[Request] Mod BIOS to change default display priority on (Insydeh20) HP 15-D012sx laptop

So I have an old laptop from 2013 (I think?), the specs of it are still quite decent and unfortunately, the screen is completely fried and won’t display any image, so I connected an external monitor using VGA, and everything was good until I tried going to the bios. The bios screen doesn’t post on the external display. Tried using fn+f4 to switch to another display, removing the lvds cable that connects from the motherboard to the laptop’s lcd panel, AND closing the laptop lid, but none of them worked. Closing the lid method seemed to worked on my Acer laptop (which also runs insydeH20 bios) and was able to set the default power on display to the HDMI port.

I would like someone to modify this bios to set the default power on display on HP 15-D012sx laptop to VGA or HDMI. thanks!

Also tried updating the bios. Still didn’t work;;
This is the bios I’m currently running (F.19 Rev.A): Driver - HP 15-d012sx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) | HP® Customer Support

And also is there a way to unlock the hidden “Advanced Tab” on this laptop as It did on almost older HP (And even the latest Acer) laptops? Just need to access the Bios to edit the settings on “Video Configuration”, fan speed, thermals, CPU clock settings, etc.

Almost impossible on latest HP bios files 2016 up, due to security issues…RSA and so on, the main issue is the flash mod (the mod itself with H2O tools/Hex edit could be achieved), even with a programmer only a small percentage has success.
Wait for other user opinions.

"Some disadvantages of using GOP(UEFI vga driver) :

  1. OS or OS applications lose capability of
    changing display resolution and
    configuration if OS high performance
    display driver is not installed or functional.
  2. Some common mobile functionalities like
    LCD backlight adjustment are currently not
    supported, and display switch in the preOS time is more complex to support."

EDIT: If the bios current on the system is an old one, there’s a chance of mod and be flashed. Now im not losing my time with this, id the bios vendor and search for the correct tools in order to check what hidden that can be useful to your issue, but i also said that this can be related to the settings in the EFI GOP driver itself, if so this is what needs to be edited with Intel BMP tool (Seach its guide on the forum), replace in the bios and flashed back.

Here a similiar user issue: [Help] Fujitsu Ivy Bridge IGP - No EDID when using UEFI Video ROM - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

Ohh ok, but this laptop’s BIOS is still from 2014 (Previously 2013 before the update) and is quite old too, so is there still a chance to change that certain setting to show bios on the second display? yes, I do accept the disadvantage of using GOP driver(Actually not sure what that is yet), since I do not have an LCD anymore, I just need it to show the bios or the post screen because I can’t reinstall windows or do anything without it :wink:

Here is my current bios sp69713.exe - Google Drive

Please :pensive:, I’m still a newbie and don’t know how to do any of this, that’s why I’m requesting here to do it for me. I need help

I posted this topic on multiple forums months ago and out of all of them, this was the only one I got a reply with. I’m so close to giving up but no

Sorry, i hate laptops and do not tampered with them nor lose my time with laptops of other users, wait for a “saint”… cause im not one.