[REQUEST] Modding ancient bios of Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi 1546. Setting cooler on maximum

Hi, and thanks for your time.

Some time ago I set a goal for myself to find a perfect laptop for old games. After weeks of search and wrong purchases, I learned that the last and most powerful video card that supports old games properly is the ATI X1*** series, and I found this laptop: Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi 1546 with X1800-X1900 GPU, which is perfect for my goals.

But there is a problem with its design. No GPU temperature sensor, no protection mechanism, and cooler speed depend on CPU temperature. So GPU in this laptop is always in stress and lots of these laptops are now laid with dead GPUs. Luckily I found a brand new GPU for this laptop and wanna protect it by cooling the laptop properly. There is no good tool to control cooler other than by faking ACPI data fooling laptop to think its CPU is 90C and it needs cooler on maximum. But the tool is extremely heavy and works bad (Notebook Hardware Control), also it works only in Windows.

I could also connect the power cable to 5v channel forcing it to work on maximum by hardware way, but maybe there is a way to correct the cooler scheme in BIOS? I do know that 1.15 bios and 1.25 have different cooler settings, so it’s definitely somewhere there, but I don’t have enough knowledge to correct it.

I’ve uploaded two official BIOS files, from the Fujitsu support page.

bios.zip (2.93 MB)