[Request]: MSI GT73VR 7RE/7RF EC firmware mod -removing CPU throttling from AC Power limits

I have a MSI GT73VR with some sort of EC firmware chip that says “ENE” something; it is laptop model GT73VR 7RE (GTX 1070 model; apparently the EC firmware detects which video card is inserted (1060, 1070, 1080, or SLI) and then sets the “Hybrid Power” battery leech limits and maximum AC power draw limits this way. I have a 330W PSU with a TDP modded GTX 1070, however the EC firmware will not allow more than 230w to be used; it will power throttle the CPU to different limits; 45W, and if that is not enough, then 25W… (ignoring all power limits in the Bios). The reason why there is a 230W power cap, is this model ships with the 230W PSU, and these systems used “Hybrid power.”

long version: When AC power draw is higher than 160W, EC firmware will start drawing power from the battery.
If battery is disconnected OR if battery is lower than 30% remaining, the CPU will get throttled to 45W main TDP, to keep draw at 160W. If CPU is still using too much power, it will be throttled to 25W(!).
If battery is healthy, when system reaches 230W of power draw, it will again throttle the CPU via PECI power limits (ignoring all Bios settings) to 45W. If this isnt enough, then it steps down to 25W.

NOTE: I am using a 330W PSU (which comes with the 1080 model; the 1080 model has a 330W power limit. The 1070 model has a 230W power limit. The boards are IDENTICAL. the videocard is detected by the EC and the power limits are then set through the EC).

MSI has an unlocked EC firmware which they REFUSE To allow to be released, no matter how much or politely you beg.

I have looked at the EC firmware in HxD And I found some values that seem to relate to throttling.

CPU_CrtT = 1.CPU_ThtlT = 1.CPU_ThtlT = 0.SYS_CrtT = 1.SYS_ThtlT = 1.SYS_ThtlT = 0

I do NOT know what the capital T means (threshold?), but I am almost sure that Thtl stands for Throttle. Especially since there is a “BatteryCurrthrottle” entry way above these.

I SUSPECT what i need to look at are the two, or four “ThtlT” entries.
My question is, can I simply set the 1, to a 0, for both CPU and SYS (or just for CPU) and then run the ECflashwin_041 program?
Or will this completely brick and destroy the system?

Is there a checksum involved? Can the 1 be changed to a 0, then flashed with ECflashwin_041 without it instantly bricking?

Does anyone know if changing these values in HxD would actually work or would it be an instant brick?

Can someone with more experience than me please help?
Modding EC firmware is dangerous business.
One mistake=brick and without special equipmenet, impossible to recover.

The direct firmware link is here:

Note: there is a VERY Strange key combination or SEQUENCE of combinations maybe(?) (which might require being on a certain bios page or setting) which can allow you to DISABLE hybrid power via some strange option that appears “Hybrid Power enable/disable” AND change battery voltage, but no one knows how to access it. One person did it on accident and was never able to do it again (I am NOT talking about an unlocked Bios, which anyone can make with normal AMI editing tools, which is not the point of this topic).