[REQUEST] MSI-P6NG-Neo_Digital MS-7505 Microcode Update

Hi team,

I’m looking for a BIOS Mod which includes the latest Intel Microcode Updates (i.e Spectre/Meltdown) and if available any other drivers update, for this Motherboard MSI MS-7505:

My CPU is Q6600. I’m currently using the beta version of BIOS supplied by MSI, A7505NMS.44B

Many thanks!

@do2or - Here is mod BIOS, with ONLY microcode update for 6F7 (SL9UM) & 6FB (QXVD, SLACR) Q6600’s CPU’s. If you have ES 6F4 (QMAQ) let me know, I will redo and update that one too
Also enabled C1E option @ Advanced BIOS Features >> CPU Feature Page + CPU Smart Fan Tolerance @ H/W Monitor

i use this CPUID 06F
it’s not possible to update all microcode for all CPUID ?
if in future i change the CPU to 6F4 i lose this CPU support after Bios upgrade?
I need also support for E5200 E5300 106A7

That is not a valid CPUID for Q6600 CPU. Do you mean your microcode revision is 06F? Never mind, that is also not a valid revision/version for any of the microcodes in the stock BIOS
Show me what you are looking at when you see 06F

Yes, I could have updated all microcodes, but you said you wanted Q6600, so that is what I did. 6F4 support is in there now, just not updated since this is VERY OLD ES CPU, not even B1 or G0
All original support is there, I did not remove anything. I only updated microcodes for the CPU you mentioned (Q6600, I assumed retail), so that was all I updated. See image I included, it shows you

you can see this is my CPUID
please i need to update all microcodes supported possible.

OK, I will update all microcodes, you should have just asked for that to begin with
I checked your image, that is 6FB, which I updated and mentioned above >> 6FB (QXVD, SLACR), it’s circled and shown updated to YES Latest in the image I included
So, do you still need all updated, or was that only requested because you thought I missed your CPUID?

yes i need all microcodes because i have another PC that run with Intel E5200 and 5300.

OK, will do, give me some time to download each one that needs updated

* Edit @do2or - Here, all ucodes updated to latest version