[Request] MSI z490 Tomahawk HPET option, Spread Spectrum (blck) & USB control (Or just fully unlocked menus)

Hello, as many have requested I would like HPET to be accessible in my BIOS menu.

Ideally to access any spread spectrum settings, Bclk specifically, and also full USB control (for example if I disable all USB ports, the XHCI controller shows in devices due to the motherboard LED being routed through that, with no option to disable it. I would also like to be able to disable the USB-C XCHI controller but also no options for that whatsover.

If it is possible to unlock all the menus that might be better? I tried using AMIBCP myself but it won’t load due to language string error; I managed to find a patched version but it requires you to delete all the none-english Strings in order to save, and I don’t feel comfortable deleting parts which I do not know are essential or not and trying to use that bios.

I am unable to post links to the the bios I am using as I am a new user: "7C80v172(Beta version)"

Much appreciated!