[REQUEST] MSI Z97-G45 Gaming - NVME Boot Support.

Hey Win-Raid,

I’ve been struggling for the past few days to add native NVME support to the v2.1 bios for the MSI Z97-G45 Gaming. Finally caved and decided I was better off asking for @Lost_N_BIOS or any other kind souls help.

The stock v2.1 image can be found at this link, and am requesting the addition of NVME support to allow booting from an Intel 760p drive via a 4x PCIE adapter. The drive currently shows in the bios’s device explorer, but is listed as “unknown PCIE 4x device”.

Any help would be most appreciated.


@11.11.11 - I assume, since Z97, most likely this BIOS is already compatible with NVME, and you need bifurcation controls (last MSI I looked in did not have these, even hidden)

Can you see it with windows installer using 1 or 2 drives installed only? Test it with the drives in various slots (on the card I mean)

Ahh! I checked, nope, BIOS is not already NVME compatible! So, here you go, flash via M-Flash - https://ufile.io/phasfegi
Follow all steps exactly here at step #4 in the “This is what you should do” section - [Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

You still may not be able to use 3-4 drives, possibly not even 2 if bifurcation is not enabled at all on any slots. It’s not in the BIOS, so I can’t make it visible for you

Thanks for the prompt response Lost!

I’ll give your build a try today and report back with any issues.