[Request] Need Intel Management Engine driver for Win7

Sleep/suspend is not working on my Dell Vostro 3681 with Windows 7 installed. I need the appropriate driver for this.


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(Check ME firmware version for your device)

That page only goes up to 12, my firmware version is
I also see Lenovo and Asus but not Dell.


  1. The only Company, which has developed and released drivers for Intel’s Management Engine, is Intel iself. It is up to the OEMs like Lenovo, ASUS or Dell to offer them for their customers.
  2. You can find >here< a lot of v14 platform Intel ME drivers, but only the oldest ones may support Win7.

@Fernando So why do drivers for one platform fail for the other? None of these worked for me, they all said my system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, including for the one dated 2012 that said Windows 7 in the compatibility tab. Is this not due to the fact that it says its for a ThinkPad, not a Dell miniPC? Different motherboards need different drivers, no?

Please have a look into the first 2 posts of >this< thread. Then you will know the answers.

Because different Intel ME driver platforms usually are designed for different Intel chipset systems.

No, different hardware devices may need a different driver, the mainboard manufacturer or model doesn’t matter.

  1. Run the Device Manager and look for
    a) devices with missing driver and
    b) Intel(R) Management Engine devices within the “System Devices” section.
  2. Right-click onto them and choose the options “Properties” > “Details” > “Property” > "HardwareIDs.
  3. Post the HardwareIDs.

This is my HW Device ID from my Z490, ME FW 14:


Using W11 OS driver 2345.5.3.0

For win7 you may try: DriverVer = 10/28/2019,1944.14.0.1370

EDIT: Fernando is right: [Intel.NTamd64.10.0…16299], as he previous mention it, this device is to new for Win7 drivers, i doubt you’ll find a driver even for win8.x

Win7 is not supported by this Intel MEI driver.

No devices with missing driver, I had about 4 of them after installing Win7 on this machine but hunted down INF files on the net that device manager accepted. There were no .sys files, only INF so I have no idea if this was good enough, but suspend still does not work so I assumed no.

I can’t find the MEI in devices, that’s why I was looking for it.


Intel® Converged Security and Management Engine (Intel® CSME)

You can also download this small utility for device ID info

Ah yes, that was one of the missing drivers I trawled around for, finding only an INF. The other ones on that list that end up with 4 alphanumeric characters are the other dubiously-fixed drivers.

Hardware ID for the device in question:

That were the “Intel Chipset Drivers” for devices, which neither need nor can use a real driver (= *.SYS file).

Summary of this thread: It was not a good idea to use a modern desktop/laptop device, if the user wants or needs to install an outdated Windows Operation System.

My (ironic) advice: Ask Intel to develop and release a Win7 compatible v14 platform CSME driver.

Well, that’s why I came here. I knew very well there were no official drivers for my preferred OS.

If you really searching for a modded hex coded *.SYS file, you are wrong here.
The Win-Raid Forum Team doesn’t want to run into a Copyright lawsuit with Intel.

Then why is deathbringer’s modded Intel UHD graphics driver here?

We obviously haven’t recognized it yet.
Where is “here”? Please post the link.

Haven’t recognized it, what does that mean?

INB4 that post getting destroyed!

Your linked post is misleading.
Where is DeathBringer’s post and where is the driver? I couldn’t find it.

I think you are playing ignorant at this point. You’re a mod with 20,000 posts and you need a newbie to spell out the obvious? I don’t know how to link posts so I’ll copy-paste the content and you can verify it when you scroll to post #116 of this thread:

Post #116.

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