[Request] Need modding 9600GT VGA BIOS

Hi. I have MSI 9600GT with PWM cooler, but there so noisy. I want to reduce voltage on PWM (blue) contact on fan connector to slow down. Now on PWM contact 2.7v-3.06v. I want reduce it to 2.0v-2.3v. Nibitor not helped me… Any one?

The bios is:




Not all editors can change what u want since it lacks access to the different hw fan controllers…and NBITOR was one of the last editors on ur kind of hw gen.
If noise is ur question why not trying by software app like MSI AB, or any other that can change FAN curve on ur model, in this way the changes are applied to the driver every time it boots or in real-time.

Already tried but minimal fan option in AF is 35% - this is around 2.7V on PWM (blue) but for my FAN this Voltage is 100% speed.
Nibitor is having full HEX redactor - that is my chance, to reduce Voltage. But i don’t now where to find this voltage value in hex…

Cant help u on that.
Another option is something like this from CM: Fan speed reducer
Another in AMZ

Yeah! I will try to add resistor to blue wire if i can’t fix it by bios edit.