[Request] nvme bios mod for msi x79 gd645

i kindy request a ready modified bios that suppot nvme for the mobo msi x79 gd65. im not ready (and the money) to go for newer platform. thans in advantage!!

(bios version is 4.8)

Edit by Fernando: Thread title corrected and customized

@stevedri - Did you already try to follow this guide? It’s easy to do - [Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

hello friend . its little bit of risky , and i dont want to brick my motherboard, and its very expensive to buy another one. i do a lot of things but modding the bios , mmm!!!
if someone do this for me of course some donation will given.

I understand how it concerns you, give me a few minutes and I will edit in modified BIOS to this reply
Which board exactly X79-GD45 or X79-GD65, your title on the thread is a bit off
This one, GD65 (8D)? It is only one with BIOS 4.8

@stevedri - Here is NVME Mod BIOS for the above linked board

omg!!! THANK YOU!!!

just made donation to win raid forun,
how can i thank you?

You’re thanks and enjoyment are plenty for me, appreciate it! And the forum appreciates your donation as well, it will help others in the future be able to find the modified RAID drivers and mod BIOS they need, thanks!

*Edit - @stevedri - Sorry! I forgot to rename the file! Please rename to stock BIOS name, including the .480 extension, so it can be seen by the built in BIOS flashing app. So resulting file name and extension should be E7760IMS.480 only, not E7760IMS.480.nvme.rom

Too late, the motherboard is bricked.

Too late? How did you flash it? It would fail to flash, well fail to be visible to BIOS flash app, without renaming
Should have been flashed with MSI built in flasher in BIOS

I did it with m flash. Did it OK but when it reboot , doing relloop

So sorry this has happened, now we know MMTool must be used instead of UEFITool

You will need to purchase CH341A flash programmer from ebay or other location ($2.50 on ebay) and a SOIC8 test clip cable ($3.50 on ebay)
or a kit like EZP2010 or EZP2013, or any other kit you find that works with 25xx BIOS and has a SOIC8 test clip cable.

@Fernando - please refund this guys donation, thanks! I feel terrible about this, he shouldn’t be stuck purchasing recovery tools after having just donated

*Edit - confirmed success using this method here - [Guide] How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS (26)
Must have just been a bad flash possibly, somehow?
Or maybe different versions of UEFITool are OK and some are not, I used 25.0 for this, knowing 25.1 sometimes has issues on older BIOS, and I assume 25.1 was not around when this board was common anyway so doubt it was used in the confirmed success post.
I compared 25.0 and 25.1 output, it does not match, so they do edit differently, and I’m sure older ones would edit differently than either of these too

I will do it.
Nevertheless I do not believe, that the mainboard bricked because of the insertion of a natively not present BIOS module. According to my own experience and the feedback I got from the users in the past years neither the insertion of a not matching NVMe module nor the insertion into a wrong location causes a bricked mainboard. I suspect, that something else happened during the flashing procedure (e.g. power breakdown).

Please don’t refund me. The bios was flash correctly, when it was finished and reboot, I got reloops. No power down, no usb pen removed, or anything. I don’t know what happened, and I cannot fix it because the back up bios don’t recognize the CPU. I must replace the bios chip or the whole motherboard.

@Fernando thanks! The module is inserted correctly, but as mentioned I do find differences in the way different UEFITools save the file when doing the same modification, I notice this often between 25.0 and 25.1 and often choose to use 25.0 on older BIOS and only 25.1 on more modern BIOS.
I bet this BIOS needed 25.1, or older than 25.0 possibly, hard to say without board in hand.

@stevedri - as mentioned above you can fix this for $6-8 in total, or more if you do not want to wait 3-5 weeks for China shipping.
No soldering will be required using the tools I mentioned, let me know if you need links so you can see what I am talking about.
I assume wrong version of tool used to do the mod, sometimes this happens and there is no way for us to know when we do the mod, except from notes after the fact from threads like this
I’m very sorry, but please don’t think you need a new motherboard, you can fix it and once you have those tools we can figure out the cause, do it using other tool until we find correct one, and then make note of it here for others in the future.
Plus, you will also then never have to worry about bad BIOS flash again, you will be able to recover any board from bad flash, or program any BIOS that flashing tools tell you “NO” due to security/modifications etc.

I doubt it will help any, but did you try clearing CMOS? Does your board have onboard debug LED? If yes, does any codes progress on it as you start it up, if yes what does it stop on?
Can you boot to DOS via USB?

I cleared cmos, (removed battery) debug led don’t show anything , no dos via USB. .

I try to find a CPU to boot from back up bios, and fix the other.

Why is your backup BIOS not compatible with this CPU? You should have made them match if you knew it wouldn’t work with this CPU, for next time anyway I know it’s too late now

So, do you have a BIOS switch, to switch between either BIOS? If yes, you can boot to BIOS 2, get into M-Flash, then toss the switch and flash the main BIOS.
This can be done maybe with $5-10 CPU’s on ebay, there is many cheap X79 CPU’s now, do you know what BIOS version is on your other BIOS, I can lookup CPU’s that should be compatible.
That (order CPU) would be quicker than ordering the recovery tools, although those are so cheap I advise everyone orders a set whenever they have the chance so they have when needed.

The motherboard has switch , one with the bricked bios, and the other with the old bios that is version 1.xx that support only one CPU (I believe 3930k) . So when I find this CPU, perhaps I fix the corrupted bios.

Well there is many cheap X79 CPU on ebay, like E5-1603, E2-25xx, E5-26xx, check those CPUID’s and then the V1 BIOS for which CPUID’s are included and you’ll be ready to test on the cheap.
Or maybe you can borrow a friends CPU for a day? If not, order the two items I mentioned, they will be a lifesaver for you in the future anyway.

Didn’t find CPU, I buy today x99 platform. I find it in good price (now I’m broke!!) I search for i7 3930k and fix the bios, ( I borrow somehow)