[REQUEST] NVMe boot support for MSI Z87-G55 (MS-7821)


I would like to request a moded bios for the motherboard MSI Z87-G55 that supports NVMe boot.

For more info about it see photo attached:

Does anyone have it?

I have search all over the internet but I can’t seem to find anything about my motherboard and NVMe topic.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, try to follow the guide, you can share here the mod for verification.
MMtool method first, alternative the UEFI tool method…and don’t skip any part till the flash method.

EDIT: Every mod is a risk, what did you expected, as we even see once in a while some cases of official bios killing motherboards…
And probably, if a user offered you a ready-made mod, it could be just a mod and not a confirmed user of such mb model.

As seeing how complicated it is and risk of briking the motherboard I’ve decide that if no one alredy have the moded bios I will just go for the alternative route using Clover or Duet, tho I would realy apreciate it if someone whit the capability of modding the bios share the modded bios.


see here


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