[Request] NVMe Mod ASUS P9X79-E WS BIOS

i’ve buyed me a Samsung 980 Pro 2tb to use and upgrade my old ASUS P9X79-E WS.
Actually it runs on a 950Pro, but it dont on the 980. I’ve read a lot and already tried a lot, but nothing will work.
So please can someon help me to get this thing up and booting?


Latest Orgiginal Bios (Download)
BIOS 1704 for P9X79-E WS

If you need more infos please let me know

Edit by Fernando: Thread title shortened (the model of the NVMe SSD doesn’t matter)

@JusticeMolton Welcome to the Win-Raid Forum!
Why don’t you try to do the BIOS modification yourself? >Here< is a step-by-step Guide.
By the way - you are/were able to boot off the Samsung 950 Pro in LEGACY mode, because it has an NVMe Option ROM in-the-box (it is the only SSD with such module). To be able to boot off any other NVMe SSD your mainboard needs an NVMe EFI module.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

@Fernando i’ve tried. but it somehow it didnt work out.

I have a little time, so give me a moment or 3.



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USB BFB ONLY, only NVMe added, nothing more or changed.

P9X79-E-WS-ASUS-1704_NVMe5.rar (4.4 MB)

EDIT: Sorry H…was done already when you posted.

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Thank you very much guys. Ill try this now. I’ll let you know if it works asap

@MeatWar @JusticeMolton

Well I had the full meal deal done already, with all the standard ROM, EFI & microcode updates here:

So enjoy in any case!

Cheers :beers: :innocent:


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Thank you guys @hancor @MeatWar @Fernando works like charm.
can i get you guys a beere somehow?


If you can send it via email [email protected] :wink: :rofl: :beers: :innocent:

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I think one or two beers are incoming. @hancor :wink:

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My son in law is doing up a chicken marsala dish, so that will work! :pray: :rofl: :innocent:

Win-RAIDers the cutting edge of BIOS/UEFI mods, Arggrh! :pirate_flag:

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