[Request] NVMe mod GA-970A-D3 BIOS

Got ga-970a-d3 motherboard with AWARD bios and nvme ssd intalled into pcie raiser.
Official bios does not support nvme is there any way to solve this and make my bios recognize ssd ?
Or at least can you give a hint where can i download the required NVMe drivers PCI ROM (or whatever its called) to add it to my current bios file.

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@HeLLp - what revision is your board, please check bottom left corner.

1st - TY so much im using gigabytes mbs all the time, always had the problem to find their rev version, googled how to find it many times, never had the answer. So just flashed random revision bios all the time

Rev 1.4

@HeLLp - You’re welcome! Usually it’s in that bottom left corner, but not always, on some of their smaller boards it’s in different places. Also, “usually” Qflash wont let you flash other versions BIOS, unless both revisions use same BIOS, which some do.
Like all the boards that use “F1/F2/F3 etc” F# named BIOS would allow other revision BIOS to flash since it would be same BIOS, but would not allow “FA/FB/FC etc” FLetter, and same for all the ones that use FLetter BIOS names, all same/same for any that use those.
I checked, Rev 1.0-1.4 all use same BIOS F# named, and Rev 3.0 uses FLetter named BIOS

Bad news Only Rev 3.0 BIOS is UEFI and can use NVME Mod BIOS, your BIOS is legacy BIOS (non-UEFI) So you can only use bootloader method like linked below
[Guide] NVMe-boot for systems with legacy BIOS and older-UEFI (DUET-REFIND)
[Guide] NVMe-boot without modding your UEFI/BIOS (Clover-EFI bootloader method)

Well ive typed in the original message im having award bios :\ Studied your forums before posting it, made me think its impossible to make it work, you proved it …okay.
Speaking about thoose two existin options to make nvme work, whats the difference between them? A quick lookthrought makes me think they are similar, both use extra data storage to boot from ssd , arent they?

Yes, mod BIOS not possible, only bootloader method I linked above. Sorry I missed your Award comment, usually space that out because people mention stuff not necessary for me to know as I know once I look at the BIOS anyway.
Sorry, I can’t comment on those methods, have never used and am not familiar with them, you’ll have to ask any questions you have about them in those threads.

Hey there. I wanted to mod my BIOS with NVMe support. Its UEFI Dual BIOS. This is my original exported BIOS. Can you be so nice and mod this for me?:slight_smile:
Ps. I’ve packed it into zip to get it thru forum downloader.

970A-D3 original.zip (2.65 MB)

@Burza - what do you mean “exported”? What revision is your board, look in the bottom left corner, if you do not have Rev 3.0 then you can’t use NVME Mod BIOS

Hi. I’ve done it myself yesterday, using one of guides here on the forum, and it works:-) I’ve thought it was a lot harder, that it looked.
Its Rev. 3.0 970A-D3 with UEFI Dual BIOS.
I’ve “exported” my bios from my motherboard using the “Q-Flash” which is built into BIOS on Gigabyte’s motherboards. Then modded it using that guide, and flashed it back.
Got NVMe support using PCI-E to m.2 adapter, on Patriot 512GB NVMe SSD, with fresh Windows 10 installed on it.
Thanks for asking:-)

@Burza - great you did it yourself! Yes, it’s pretty easy, especially with the guide Fernando wrote!

Thanks for explaining what you meant about “Exported” BIOS. I would have just used stock = same if you flash with Qflash anyway.

Happy to see you had Rev 3.0 board and now using NVME Win10!

Hi Can you upload a copy of the Modded bios if you still have it cause I have this motherboard and I Wanted to install a m.2 adapter in this old build so if you still have the bios could you upload it thank you very much and Happy Holidays.


The OP user never log since his post request and our GURU is retired.

What revision you have: GA-970A-D3 rev. 3.0 - 1.3 - 1.2 - 1.0/1.1 (3.0 UEFI, others Legacy) and the following method is not supported.

Why dont you try it yourself using our guide here (ONLY for rev 3.0):
[HowTo] Get full NVMe Support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS - Special Topics / NVMe Support for old Systems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)