[Request] NVMe mod GA-Z87-D3HP BIOS

Hi my friend!

I’m from Venezuela, I have the same motherboard a Z87 D3HP, I would like to have a new link to download the bios mod, that link isnt work.

I bought a SN770 WD Black 1 TB NVME

Thanks in advanced!

Edit by Fernando: Since this request had been posted into a not matching thread, I have moved it and the replies into a freshly created “BIOS Modding Requests” thread.

@sankroy Welcome to the Win-Raid Forum!
You have posted your request into a thread, which has been designed for users, who want to do the needed BIOS modification themselves .
If you want to get an already modded BIOS for your mainboard, you should either search for it within the „Modded BIOS Offers“ Category or start a new thread within the „BIOS Modding Requests“ Category.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hey, My friend

You have still the Bios Mod ? If you have yet, I would like to send me a link.

Thanks.in Advanced.

I have modded thousands of different BIOSes, do you really believe, that I have stored them somewhere?
Please stop begging here for a modded BIOS.

Ok ok no worries. I thought someone can help me in this forum.

But No problem I will see that I can do

@sankroy , hello!
I found 2 files, but I don’t remember which one helped me.
Z87D3HP-mod.rar (5.7 MB)
Z87D3HPNVME.zip (5.6 MB)

That’s why I’m posting both.
If you succeed, please write.

Heeey! Thank you!

I will check it out! And I will write you again.

Thanks again!

I checked it both files , but nothing happen.

Just I see a new option PATA SS in the boot option , but doesnt work

Nvme must be formatted ? or no format?

This verifies, that
a) the NVMe EFI module has been properly inserted into the BIOS and
b) the modded BIOS has been successfully flashed.
If you want to get Win10 or Win11 installed onto the NVMe SSD, I recommend to look into the start post of >this< thread and follow the advices within the chapter Step 4 - Installation of Win10/11 onto the NVMe SSD:
Good luck!

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I do this

Hi again!

I checked it this file Z87D3HP-mod.rar and works perfect, and later installed windows 10 pro.

Thanks for your reply!

The Beta bios version F8b of this mb model, already has NVMe by default.

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