[REQUEST] Re-enable voltage options in NUC8-i7BEH BIOS


I recently got a used NUC8, which has huge cooling issues (100°C) when I leave TurboBoost enabled, but disabling it completely leads to a big performance loss. Unfortunately, in 2021 Intel removed all voltage options from their BIOS as a quick and easy mitigation of the Plundervolt vulnerability. They also blocked downgrade to any prior version of BIOS that exposed the voltage regulation.

Is there anyone skilled and willing to take a stab at modifying the latest BIOS to re-enable the voltage settings?

BIOS (v90) download: BIOS Update [BECFL357]

Options in old BIOS:

Options in new BIOS:

I am new to the BIOS modding scene so I am not sure if it is a realistic approach given possible incompatibility with component firmwares, but I would also be happy to downgrade the BIOS if such modification is easier than trying to re-add the voltage menu to the latest BIOS version.

One of the earlier, non-nerfed versions (v85) is available on Internet Archive: Download BIOS Update [BECFL357.86A]

Bump to see if there is anyone willing to assist. Many thanks in advance.

Dont be surprised, cause Intel bios mod were always trick ones… a bit to mod but more difficulties to flash mods.
They are AMI V Core bios…but more AMI Intel than the regular pure AMI bios…thats why.
You can try this tool: [TOOL] UEFI Editor - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)
Any questions regarding this tool utilization post in there.
Be prepared for anything and even a broken machine, do suggest SPI backups and a programmer seems, in the past… the only way to flalh mods on Intel bios machines.