[Request] Restore hidden virtulization settings Z390 Gaming SLI

Hi, Im in need of the latest bios for Z390 Gaming SLI but i need options for Enabling/Disabling Virtualization and vt-d to be visible.
I am not sure why Gigabyte has hidden these settings away with some more important settings hidden away too.
Thanks in advance.

VT-d is visible in CHIPSET to enable/disable (Bios F10k), wot maybe be hidden is the VMX option in CPU Configuration (This one should be also hidden).
U have Dual-bios and Q-Flash so use AMIBCP 5.x to set access to user/supervisor and try ur changes.


Aight gonna give this a try and hopefully it works.

Ive managed to do all this but Q-Flash is giving me a Invalid BIOS Image error.
Ive seen people say on the forums to use a modified EFIFLASH tool, but i dont really feel comfortable in doing that, is there any way to use Q-flash to do it or do i have to use EFI Flash tool?

Another option use Intel FPT to make a bios region dump, mod and flash it back with FPT again.
FPT needs access to bios regions for dump/flash operations.
Its an operation with more effort and some knowledge of it, if u want to proceed search on forum for Unlock flash descriptor and FPT from Intel ME tools.
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I see, i think ill use EFIFLASH then haha.
Thanks for all the help friend.