[REQUEST]Sony Vaio SVE1512S7C bios mod

Hi, Peoples

I just want an unlocked bios with more options like edit of switchable graphics and more options like overclock CPU and other common CPU, gpu features, like turbo boost speed step, intel configure gpu options

BIOS Version Insyde Corp R0170D5

Laptop Model Sony Vaio SVE1512S7C

Windows 10 Pro

Processor Intel Core i7 (Unlocked)

8GB DDR3 ram

2GB AMD Radeon HD 7550/7650m graphics card

I would appreciate anybody willing to help me.

information about computer and bios

Also which programmer to get for my board, also download some tools from this Forum *H20EZE - Insyde “Easy BIOS Editor” but i don’t believe its the right way to mod my bios.

bios infomation.rar (1.95 MB)