[REQUEST] Unlock BIOS CCE N325 - Shuttle 71r-nh4cu6-t810

Hey guys!
I’m making a ultra low cost setup, and i’m using a laptop motherboard to run hackintosh.
I extracted bios with a SPI programmer.
I need unlock some features in this bios:

- Complete Boot manager (with add and delete uefi boot path, fast boot);
- Virtualization option;
- Fan control;
Ps.: If possible, unlock “all” default like a Dell ivy bridge BIOS.
Ps 2.: If possible, changes boot logo, and replace with a total black screen.

AMI Aptio 4
Vendor: CCE (Model: N325 i3 i3-3217u, intel graphics 4000, hm75)
Manufacturer: Digibras
Whitelabel manufacturer: chinese Shuttle
Model: 71r-nh4cu6-t810

Thank’s for all! :slight_smile:

Setup IFR.txt (849 KB)

bios.bin.zip (2.67 MB)